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How can novice fry a stock to earn not to lose stably?

2020-06-12 11:42:01

I would say that no one is going to tell you this, and it can't be done. Don't say a stock first, add futures foreign exchange gold and so on, if somebody knows the method that make sure not to lose, that person compares Buffett return god, early become new stock god. So fry, do not think stable earn not to lose, novice friends or honest from the foundation to start learning, step by step, adhere to come down, always can finally achieve stable profit. Let me share some of my experiences with you in the hope that they will help you as a beginner.

First of all, to learn anything, to lay a solid foundation, and trading stocks, get the combination of practical operation and theory, practical operation is the need to exercise, exercise the heart, temper the human heart. Theory is the basis of practice and can be subdivided into analysis and technical learning. The so-called analysis, is the fundamentals (macro data, micro data analysis, as well as the interpretation of news), technical learning refers to the study of K line graph technology, you can go to the stock basic books to study and learn.

Second, apply the theory learned in field, the first field is the purpose of the exercise, such as when trading in the heart of quality, as well as trading ideas and summarizes trading ideas, have their own complete trading ideas later, again to verify, can according to their own trading ideas to run after the capital market, the above mentioned method, are really need a long time, have to spend a larger energy and under high pressure, if these you all survived, so you are not far from the expert.

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