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Hong Kong

2020-06-15 09:10:26

On Friday, the Hang Seng index ended 0.73 per cent lower after falling more than 2 per cent. Disk, the medical sector closed up, energy stocks fell more deep. Among HANG Seng stocks, Wharf and Hang Lung led gains, up more than 2 per cent.

Last week's events in Hong Kong:

On June 9, Cathay Pacific unveiled a HK $39 billion recapitalization plan. Under the plan, the Hong Kong government will inject capital into Cathay through loans, purchase of preferred shares and other means. Market participants pointed out that the current global economy has been gradually restarted, but the future is still a lot of uncertainty

On June 11, netease was officially listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, with the share code 09999. The opening price was 133 Hong Kong dollars per share. By the end of the day, netease's share price closed at 130 Hong Kong dollars per share, up 5.69%, and its total market value reached 445.8 billion Hong Kong dollars.

This week, Lei jun said on his microblog that Xiaomi Financial's Hong Kong virtual bank, Star Bank, had opened

This week's events in Hong Kong stocks were well known

1. Want Want China (00151, HK) will release its annual results on June 16.

2. China Dongxiang (03818.HK) will release its full-year results on June 17.

3. Sasa International (00178, HK) will announce its full-year results on June 18.

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index:

Hong Kong shares had gone up in a wave of seven consecutive, there are signs of turning back down. Overall, as recently pointed out that Hong Kong has rebounded to high level, deviation from the current stage of the fundamentals, attention should be paid to the stability of the market, and beware of a point in the direction of may, 23900 points is still hang seng is now good light watershed, and operating at the moment, more want to focus on the rhythm, but can stay positive about future, look for opportunities to wait for fell out.



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