Summary VNSMART builds the world's first block chain securities platform. Its goal is to establish a block chain-based incentive method to provide users with a one-stop platform for traditional securities trading services, combining block chain finance with traditional finance, and trading Those who can shared the platform income, everyone is a trader, everyone is also a brokerage, transactions are more transparent, costs are lower, and information is more symmetrical.
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VNSMART team introduction VNSMART is an Internet financial institution invested and established by the original technical team of a world-renowned securities company (Robin Hood) and the original operation team of a well-known bank in the international financial field (Saxo Bank). The idea of innovation overturns the bloated structure of traditional brokerages and makes cross-border financial transactions simpler and more transparent
across national borders. Internet securities alone cannot completely solve the consistency of interests between investors and brokerages. What VNSmart wants to establish is a platform. shared with investors. We use block chain technology to establish a set of participants' trading reward mechanism.Sharing trading platform development profits.
Preface The U.S. stock exchange market has a long history and a mature structure. It has completed listing and financing for many great companies in human history. The well-known New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are part of the US stock market. The most primitive form of the stock market exists in coffee shops, where stock brokers used to trade ownership of companies or commodities.

The U.S. stock market is the choice of many great companies for financing because of its fair, open, and legal characteristics. It represents the value of America and the American Dream, enabling the development of a free and fair market. To ensure the fairness of transactions, the SEC monitors public companies listed in the United States. Their work includes protecting investors, promoting capital formation, enforcing federal securities laws, regulating securities markets, and providing data. With their existence, financial markets will gain more reliability and fairness. Because of this reliability, companies all over the world will choose to be publicly listed on American exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, which attracts more investors and more outstanding companies. This virtuous circle is the cornerstone of the US financial market, and it has also made the US a world financial center.

In the past few years, active trading users have been charged handling fees, platform fees, and trading commissions when trading at traditional securities firms, which has brought massive traffic and tens of billions of dollars in profits to securities firms. However, users of these transactions cannot enjoy the benefits of the platform's development and growth, and we want to change this situation.

The application of block chain technology provides a way to solve this problem. Based on the block chain, we can design a decentralized public ledger and a set of consensus algorithms to automatically allocate specific digital assets according to the number of securities transactions. And design a corresponding mechanism to promote the circulation of this digital asset, establish a reasonable incentive system, and provide another fixed income for all parties who really contribute to the platform.
Features of the platform
One account to trade global high-quality assets
One-stop trading of stocks, futures, options and digital assets in various countries
We lower the threshold and provide one-stop service,
How does VNSMART VN coin network chain work? VN currency net chain has three main characters - mine workers , references and traders . Whenever you press my mining machine for the next 24- hour mining period, you will earn VN coins with the algorithm of ( mining power ) + ( contribution value ) x 25% x ( active trading volume ) .
The income of the miner is based on the computing power of the cloud mining machine you hold per hour When the total subscribers reached to 10 million people , each cloud model mining machine operator force by half , the transaction value is halved;
When it reaches 1 million people , the computing power of each cloud mining machine model is halved, and the transaction value is halved; Up to 1 million people , each cloud model mining machine operator force and then halved, the transaction value is halved; When the number of transactions reaches 10 billion times , there will be no new supply of VN coins and the hourly income will be 0 .
Therefore , the key to earning more VN coins is as soon as possible . The computing power of the mining machine and the number of transactions determine the reward of the transaction. When the income rate has not been halved, more people are recommended to join . The actual value of VN is also injected from the transaction commission, which is increased by half——0.2/ USD times 、0.5/ USD times 、0.8/ USD times、1/ USD times.
Platform values At the beginning of the platform , the following core values ​​were implemented throughout:
1.Active traders (user) will have the platform of the usufruct , the stock market can also exist in the form of decentralized go.
2.Everyone who contributes to the platform ecology will receive proportional benefits in accordance with the rules. The greatest advantage of the value network can be close to zero-cost distribution of income rights .
3.The fundamental purpose of the platform ecology is to serve trading users . It is an ecology run by a non-profit foundation, and its goal is to create services for users who enjoy the value of transactions around the world , not to create profits. All participants of the platform will benefit from the prosperity of the platform ecology itself.
4.The ultimate goal of the platform’s mining machine and consignment model is to increase transaction volume. Therefore, buying mining machines and consignment mining machines is to increase the contribution value of investors and traders, thereby accelerating the release of VN coins and increasing transaction volume. Investors and transactions A person is both a profit contributor and a beneficiary!
Platform vision
Our vision is to become an inclusive trading platform that leverages the traditional financial market
Everyone is a trader and everyone is a broker
VN coin distribution mechanism
The path explored by predecessors, the disadvantages and risks of token development 1) It is highly dependent on continuous trading volume. Once the growth rate of platform trading users decreases and the trading volume decreases, the dividends of VN coins will also decrease. Investors may choose to leave. When the trading volume decreases, the price of VN coins will decrease . Fall
2) In the third stage, the release of VN coins will decrease, and transaction activity will decrease accordingly. If at the current mining speed, it may be mined in about 3 years . Under the 'transaction is mining' mechanism, when mining After all the mines are completed, if the real trading volume does not increase, the user's dividends may not meet the expectations, resulting in loss, and the exchange cannot continue to operate.
3) Uncertain factors such as government regulation and fluctuations in market sentiment will also limit the development of the platform.

Solve the dilemma By analyzing the difficulties faced by industry pioneers, in order to better protect the rights and interests of users, the company chooses Vietnam as its headquarters because it has a relatively open and mature financial market, the economy has the most growth potential, and it can expand its business in the face of the Asia-Pacific population , VNSMART has sufficient government and financial resources in Vietnam to exchange resources for a large number of listed companies.
We develop tokens through Ethereum, with a total of 1 billion
After 4 years, the platform currency will be issued at an annual inflation rate of 2% to encourage participants to continue to contribute to the platform currency.
VNC dividends and realization
vn currency dividend mechanism
VN coins can turn into cash immediately
When the release rate of 1 billion vn coins reaches 100%,70% of the profits of the trading platform will be distributed to users who hold VN coins in the form of USDT.Holding the platform currency can increase the value of the platform currency through conventional means such as fee discounts, repurchase, and destruction. In the future, more application scenarios will be implemented, such as mainstream exchanges, private equity, VIP rights, advertising costs, node revenue, and subsequent new functions.
Development plan route Since the introduction of computer or information technology, we can see that in terms of application, the application of these technologies has gone through three stages. The first stage is the pure information technology period. In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, information technology supported some commercial applications. We use software system may have ten thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of lines of code. The second stage is the Internet platform period. Internet platforms sink a lot of complex software into infrastructure. The third stage is the block chain era. Block chain further sinks the Internet platform as an infrastructure.

There is a popular saying: "Bank services are everywhere, but not in the bank." We also want to achieve "trading services are everywhere, but not on the exchange."

The "Automated Market Maker (AMM)" track has become the hottest track in the blockchain DeFi field. More and more on-chain trading platforms or decentralized exchanges (DEX) have begun to integrate AMM as a base Liquidity guarantee.

No one is exploring the incentive mechanism of traditional stock assets. We plan to also introduce "Automated Market Makers (AMM)" on the platform to expand into a popular "index fund investment tool". The return on investment is expected to exceed that of running Winning the index market will bring more imagination to the value-added platform.

We will apply financial intelligence to develop asset management modules . In recent years, artificial intelligence and blockchain have brought great impact to the investment methods and organizational structure of the asset management industry. These new technologies to social organizations of way has brought great changes, from the past to pursue "economies of scale" to pursue "network effect", and the future, artificial intelligence, digital technology will block chain pursuit of " precise effect" , and The " precision effect" is not announced by traditional exchanges. We hope that ordinary traders can also enjoy the dividends brought by the " precision effect" through the platform .
2021年 Expand 100,000+ core users
2022年 Complete 1 million users and 1 billion transactions in the third quarter
2023年 Complete the issuance of more than two Vietnamese listed companies
2024年 VN coin will be listed and traded on mainstream exchanges
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